About Mouse & Meg

Laura Lawes

I have always loved to draw, paint, design, and turn my hand to anything creative in my spare time, but it was while accompanying my husband on a business trip, that I sat and sketched out a few animals and started to wonder if I could turn my passion into a small business.

Originally drawing and painting personalised art by hand, I now use art packages to create digital prints of my drawings on my iPad, though every drawing still starts life as a sketch with old fashioned paper and pencil. There's nothing like the feeling I get when it a little character appears on the page before my eyes!

Mouse & Meg is named after my two children Thomas (his nickname has been Mouse since he was a baby) and Megan Rose. I also have three step children to care for so life is very busy and hectic. Being able to create my children's prints not only helps provide an element of calm and serenity in the endless chaos (and washing) that having 5 teenagers creates, but it also gives me the ability to be on hand to run Mum's Taxi Service too!

All my prints are entirely drawn and created by me. They are a labour of love, I hope you love them too.

Laura Lawes

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